Last days of school

Having written this a few weeks ago, it was unexpected that the day it was posted, our local firefighters would be out on the job, working hard to put out several forest fires in the area.  While the post shows the lighter side of their duties, the work of firefighters is incredibly serious and can be dangerous. They have our many thanks for the work they do. Stay safe!

Do you remember those last few weeks of school before the summer holiday? Slow days looking out the window, longing to be outdoors instead of cooped up inside, dreaming of all the wonderful things to do during the summer.  A heat wave always rolled in, a drowsy warmth that made even the bees and flies drift lethargically. 

Wouldn't you have loved to spend an afternoon cooling off in the water spray pouring over the local ball field by the town's fire department? It's a tradition here in the north (at least in this town) - all the elementary schools get a turn in late June. 

The children squeal, run and laugh, taunting the firefighters, reveling in the cool water.  The field becomes waterlogged and turns into the world's largest slip and slide. A perfect summer afternoon.