Sunset at Wasaga Beach

Wasaga Beach features prominently in my memories of childhood - sweltering, humid summer days spent swimming from sand bar to sand bar, splashing in waves, burying ourselves in warm sand, running, screaming, laughing.  Siblings, cousins, friends - large groups enjoying life. Charcoal and barbecue. Sunscreen. Hot sand. Cool water. Walks down the boardwalk. Ice cream in town. Crowds. Music. Sunshine.

A visit in April is different than one on a scorcher of a July day but wonderful, nevertheless.  A walk along fourteen kilometres of sand, the largest freshwater beach in the world, empty but for a handful of people. Bare feet in sand and water for the first time this year. A few intrepid boys in summer clothes frolicking in the water. Frisbee. Baseball with a log and stone. And to top it all off - a sunset to rival all sunsets.

Spring, where are you?

Seems we are paying for the amazing December we had by getting storm after winter storm these past weeks. Spring officially started weeks ago but it sure hasn't felt like it.  The weather man is promising warm days later this week though...hopefully he can deliver.

In the meantime, a few pictures of spring to get us through the last (hopefully) days of snow and sleet.

The New House - The Property

Earlier this year, mom and dad found their dream property. Tens of acres of rolling hills, forests and pastures. As things do when they are meant, everything fell into place in short order. The house was sold - in a matter of days, the sale for the new property sailed through and a rental house was found - right next door to the new place. Dad has the best commute in the world now - a short walk along a magical forest path to the building lot.

The start of the long and winding driveway

In May, we took a walk around the property before any construction started. Spring was in full bloom. The apple trees were blossoming, the grass was fresh and green and a certain peacefulness seemed to have settled over the forests and hills. We spent many hours exploring and found, among other things, a creek to splash in, a great camping spot, some excellent sites for building forts, old fences, fantastic trees for climbing and numerous forest paths. This is a child's version of the world's greatest playground - mine, as well, for that matter. 

Spring flower crowns

Views from where the house will be built

The colours of spring are very inviting at this dark and dreary time of year.  We will provide regular updates on the build over the next few months. 

The tree root fences are so structural and appealing - you'll see a lot more of them

Spring leaves and sunshine