In Canada, we get to experience many sunny winter days when it seems that the colder the temperatures outside, the brighter the sun seems to shine as though to make up for the freezing weather.  But then there are days when the clouds hang low and the world becomes monochrome - black, white and shades of gray. Well, perhaps there are some colours but they all seem muted by the heaviness of the atmosphere. 

However, that doesn't stop us from heading outside to enjoy a bit of sledding, an activity that you need to do at least once every winter.

For further images of our sledding adventures, visit here.

Exploring a Nova Scotia beach

Nova Scotia's greatest treasures includes the numerous beaches that dot the shoreline of the Atlantic Ocean.  The vast shorelines provide a quiet and peaceful place for long walks, exploration and treasure hunting. In summer the beaches are rarely crowded and in winter you'll likely have the beach all to yourself.  There's no better way to get away from it all!


Pond hockey - a Canadian tradition

Pond hockey is as Canadian as maple syrup. In truth, any form of hockey is as Canadian as it gets. Like sledding, it's a great way to spend time outdoors during the freezing winter months.

Hockey in our family tends to be a last-minute, pick-up, all ages invited type of affair.  When the suggestions is made, everyone scrambles to find gear and clothing thick enough for the -25 temperatures - it doesn't matter what it looks like so long as it keeps you warm and dry. For readers living in warmer climes, it seems that the bluer the sky and the brighter the sun on a winter's day then the colder the temperature.

Fingers freeze as you awkwardly tie your skates in a standing position - the snow is too cold and wet to sit on for such a task. The first job is to clean off the snow - although there's only been a sprinkling since the last game so it doesn't take too long. In fact, the rest of the pond is a great place for the little ones to learn how to stay upright on skates - there's nothing to run into, plenty of space to move about and enough snow for a soft landing.

A heated game ensues. Goals are celebrated. The older boys show up to show the little ones how it's done. And when everyone is no longer able to move their fingers and toes and cheeks are a bit frost-bitten then it's time to enjoy some hot chocolate and fresh pizza. Good times!

Green Christmas

Winter has officially arrived and there's not a speck of the white stuff on the ground. It's beginning to look like we are going to have a green Christmas. Sunshine and warmth will definitely make for a different Christmas. Oh well. The family will still gather to celebrate the day - the only thing that truly matters this time of year.

In the meantime, enjoy this picture taken a few years ago. Snow and cold weather are surely around the corner - let's appreciate the milder weather while it lasts.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!!

October Snows

Our autumn has been gorgeous - sunshine and warm weather well into the year. However, the first snow fell early - mid October, in fact. The snow stayed for only a few hours, melting quickly once the sun came out but it gave us enough time to enjoy a unique experience - fall colours and snow. At the same time.

The girls enjoyed a good romp in the snow - rolling down hills and shaking the branches of the snow-covered maple tree.