In Canada, we get to experience many sunny winter days when it seems that the colder the temperatures outside, the brighter the sun seems to shine as though to make up for the freezing weather.  But then there are days when the clouds hang low and the world becomes monochrome - black, white and shades of gray. Well, perhaps there are some colours but they all seem muted by the heaviness of the atmosphere. 

However, that doesn't stop us from heading outside to enjoy a bit of sledding, an activity that you need to do at least once every winter.

For further images of our sledding adventures, visit here.

Sledding - a favourite Canadian winter activity

One of our favourite winter activities is sledding - a pastime we've enjoyed from early childhood. On our summer hikes we make note of the big hills that should be visited when winter comes and snow covers everything.

Sometimes the hills are big - terrifyingly fun going down and muscle-burning tough getting back up. Big hills or small, it's always a grand time - flying snow, freezing temperatures, laughter and tears.