Florida Beach Days

Florida was a pleasant surprise! I’d never really thought about traveling there - it was never on my list of places to visit - but an opportunity arose to drive down with a friend for a short vacation last winter. With my sister along for the ride, we arrived two days later and a strange thing happened. I relaxed. As we approached the house and pulled out the key to open the door, I looked around and my breath eased out. Tension seeped out of my shoulders and all the stresses of life disappeared. The warmth of the Florida sun was heavenly and the magic of a new unknown place to explore was exhilarating.

Within moments of our arrival I mused to the others that I now understood why Canadians fled to warmer climes during the winter months. I mean, sunshine and sundresses, ice cream and seabirds, swimming in warm waters and walks on the pier in the middle of winter? When everyone back home was enduring -20 degree temperatures and digging out from yet another winter snowstorm, we were sleeping with the windows open to allow the sea breezes in and eating dinner outdoors surrounded by palm trees, skittering lizards and fragrant flowers.

And though the reality of winter would be ours again in seven days, I learned the immeasurable value of a week of summer in the middle of winter and was determined to enjoy every minute of those seven days of summer!


Exploring a Nova Scotia beach

Nova Scotia's greatest treasures includes the numerous beaches that dot the shoreline of the Atlantic Ocean.  The vast shorelines provide a quiet and peaceful place for long walks, exploration and treasure hunting. In summer the beaches are rarely crowded and in winter you'll likely have the beach all to yourself.  There's no better way to get away from it all!


Sunset at Wasaga Beach

Wasaga Beach features prominently in my memories of childhood - sweltering, humid summer days spent swimming from sand bar to sand bar, splashing in waves, burying ourselves in warm sand, running, screaming, laughing.  Siblings, cousins, friends - large groups enjoying life. Charcoal and barbecue. Sunscreen. Hot sand. Cool water. Walks down the boardwalk. Ice cream in town. Crowds. Music. Sunshine.

A visit in April is different than one on a scorcher of a July day but wonderful, nevertheless.  A walk along fourteen kilometres of sand, the largest freshwater beach in the world, empty but for a handful of people. Bare feet in sand and water for the first time this year. A few intrepid boys in summer clothes frolicking in the water. Frisbee. Baseball with a log and stone. And to top it all off - a sunset to rival all sunsets.