Ottawa and Winterlude 2016 - Part 2

Life is always so busy. It seems that regardless of our personal life circumstances, there's never enough time to do all that needs to be done. The important matters of life, those that make us happy - our family, friends, hobbies, dreams - tend to take a back seat as we get caught up in the act of living the every day. Work. Chores. Bills.

It's not always easy to find the extraordinary moments that make life wonderful.  The opportunities do exist - we just need to grab them as they arise. Sometimes the moments can be found in the every day - especially if we look for them or are open to them when they occur. The first flowers in spring, a beautiful sunset, the sounds of children's laughter, a quiet, peaceful moment.

At other times, we need to actively pursue the moments by understanding the elements of our dreams and chasing them. What makes you happy? Music? Slip on the headphones and listen to a few of your favourite pieces. Family? Find a way to carve out time with a loved one - free from distractions and worries. Gardening? Buy a new plant.

Our recent trip to Ottawa for Winterlude was a mixture of some of my favourite activities - spending time with family, travel and photography. We enjoyed every moment!

Last week's post with more photos can be found here.

Canadian War Museum

At the Canadian War Museum, we learned about the contribution of Canadian women in the war effort during both world wars and how the lives of Canadian women changed as a result. The World War Women exhibit is on display until early April.

The other galleries told the story of Canadians at war from the First Peoples to present day. Canadian soldiers and cadets joined us to view the exhibits, which included a Mercedes limousine used by Hitler at Nazi rallies, paintings, artillery and aircraft, sculptures and so much more.

World War Women exhibit

Listening to news about the war on the radio

A Canadian cadet views The Battle of Courcelette painted by Louis Alexander Weirter, which depicts the ruined French town of Courcelette during the Battle of the Somme

Hitler's Mercedes limousine

Tanks in the LeBreton Gallery

Regeneration Hall - Lest we forget - N'oublions jamais

Chateau Laurier and Rideau Canal

Parliament Hill

Parc Jacques-Cartier and Winterlude

On our final morning, we enjoyed some of the activities of Winterlude, including zip lining and the ice slides. The trip wouldn't be complete without maple syrup lollipops rolled on the snow and poutine.

Maple syrup on a stick - rolled on ice

Poutine - of course