Eel fishing, Kamouraska and Parc National du Bic

The village of Kamouraska in Quebec is a hidden gem. Tucked up alongside the St. Lawrence river, Kamouraska has the most adorable rainbow coloured shops, charming bakeries with delicious French pastries and freshly baked bread, and cute cafes with great menus. Oh, and the houses are divine and include my dream B&B - yellow and white with porches and windows for days. I could retire here. 

Kamouraska is known for its eel fishing, although there are only a handful of licensed eel fishers nowadays. Fishermen set up nets along the river to catch eels as the tides go in and out. These sea monsters make me a bit squeamish but they are an important part of the ecosystem and their numbers are declining rapidly due to pollution and the numerous dams that prevent their reproduction. Fishermen who used to catch thousands of eels now only catch a handful. 

Continuing east, we stopped for a quick break at Parc National du Bic to stretch our legs and view the emerging fall colours.